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Where 4 is the parameter which is the value you get from Detect Alignment.

You might not get the result you expect, see Alignment#Alignments_for_different_deities.

Parameter Return value Expected value
50 extremely good extremely good
26 extremely good extremely good
25 very good very good
24 very good very good
13 very good very good
12 quite good quite good
7 quite good quite good
6 good good
4 good good
3 barely good barely good
2 barely good barely good
1 neutral neutral
0 neutral neutral
-1 neutral neutral
-2 barely evil barely evil
-3 barely evil barely evil
-4 evil evil
-6 evil evil
-7 quite evil quite evil
-12 quite evil quite evil
-13 very evil very evil
-24 very evil very evil
-25 very evil very evil
-26 extremely evil extremely evil
-50 extremely evil extremely evil