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A tell is a way to sent a message to another player or players.

It is an out-of-character command that is invisible to anyone not involved in the tell. You can send a tell to someone regardless of whether they're in the same room.

If someone is more than five minutes idle when you send them a tell, or if they're afk, you'll get a message informing you of this.


tell <player> <message>
tell <player> [@adverb] <message>

The first syntax is the simplest and most common. It simply sends a message to one person, unadorned. They see something like this:

Player tells you: This is a message.

The second syntax lets you add an adverb.

>tell player @quietly This is a message.
You quietly tell Player: This is a message.


tell <players> <message>
tell <players> [@adverb] <message>

Multitells work similarly to tells, except that you specify a list of players instead of one player. The names on the list must be separated by commas, but no spaces, like so:

tell alice,bob,carol This is a message.

Any individual who is not logged on, or who is earmuffing multitells, will be left out and the message will just go to everyone it can. Usefully, this makes it so that you can make an alias to send a "multitell" to every one of a player's alts (if you know them), and the alias will end up just sending a tell to whichever one of their characters is actually logged on.

You can't send multitells if you're earmuffing them yourself (although it still works if it's only actually going to one person).

Tell reply

tell replylock remove
tell replylock reply
tell replylock <player>
tell {reply|r} <message>

Tell reply is used to send a tell to the last person who sent you a tell. You can use tell replylock to make sure that tell reply will send tells to a specific person or people, so that it won't cause mischats if someone else sends you a tell when you're in the middle of a conversation.

Blocking tells

You can earmuff tells--or, separately, multiple-tells--either from everyone, or from everyone except friends.

Being in roleplaying mode will also block tells.

Finally, having a specific person on ignore will block tells from them.

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