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There are several types of tea or potions that can be brewed. Some teas do not need brewing.

Warning: Some people consider exact tea recipes to be secret and similar to quests in that knowing everything about it can ruin one's fun of discovering it by yourself. Furthermore, the exact recipes seem to change based on your skills.

Ethel Applebaum in Scrogden gives hints at what ingredients can be used for teas.


Most ingredients do not seem to need much skills to be found, guild max is probably more than enough. To recognize the herbs and gather them uses crafts.husbandry.plant.herbal and crafts.hunting.foraging.

The skill magic.methods.physical.brewing at the time of the making determines the potency and duration of the brewed teas.

It is best not to carry too much stuff when brewing, since above 50% burden you get a -1 dexterity penalty which lowers your skills.

Brewing too many bottles at the same time is said to lower the effectiveness of the produced tea. research


There are some useful things to have when you want to make tea.

Thing Action Used with Tool appearance
Grinder Crush into tiny (ground) bits. Mostly herbs Grinder, mortar and pestle
Fire Brew the tea on the fire source. Prepared tea (Lit) fireplace, stove, oven
Water source You might have to pump or fill it with water and fill a container from it. Vessels Sink, fountain, well, shadoof
Vessels Fill and pour liquids into them and from them. Liquids Coloured bottles, cups, etc.

To mix solid or liquid ingredients they can be put in the same liquid container (those can be referred to as vessels).

To mix liquids you need to transfer the first liquid from its vessel to the vessel that is holding the second liquid.

  • Pipettes (from assassin poison labs) are useful to transfer or remove small quantities. However there is a covert.items.poisons skill check to prevent poisoning yourself (even when working just with water). You can ask assassins if they are willing to sell you some.
  • You can cast Mama Blackwing's Potent Preserver to boil only one of the liquids inside a vessel.
cast Mama Blackwing's Potent Preserver on water in bottle

Identifying the different vessels prevents the wrong one being used.

Known teas and potions

The following table provides information on the various teas and potions in rough order of difficulty.

Potion Nicknames Effect Glance Look Ingredients Solvent Brewed? Nb ingredients Nb solvents
Focus tea
Mushroom tea Provides details on a spell in your mind. pale brownish green water This is some pale green water with a brownish tint to it, about a large pile.
floppy Madmen mushrooms
no 1 1
Breath freshener
Garlic breath cure Cures garlic breath. dark green tea This is a dark green, fresh-smelling tea.
no 1 1
Cold cure
Cold potion Cures the common cold. thick, golden syrup This is a thick, gloopy and sticky looking golden syrup, a large pile. It smells strongly of garlic.
yes 1 1
Healing tea
Hp tea Fast hitpoint regeneration. brewed tea This is a dark, brewed tea, about seven ounces.
comfrey ... yarrow
yes 2 1
Intelligence tea
Int tea Temporarily increases intelligence. syrupy, green potion This is a syrupy, green potion, about seven ounces.
sage ... owl feather (not consumed)
yes 2 1
Energy tea
GP tea Fast guild points regeneration. glistening yellow potion This is a glistening yellow potion, a large pile.
borage ... ginger ... coffee grounds or liquid black coffee
yes 3 1
Antidote tea Cures poison. brewed elixir This is an octarine elixir.
basil ... fennel ... ground arachnid
yes 3 1
Anti-blind tea
Perception tea / Blindness tea Prevents blindness, increases perception. yellow-orange tea  ?
eyebright ... carrot ... ?vorpal bunny eyes?
yes 3 1
Potion Nicknames Effect Glance Look Ingredients Solvent Brewed? Nb ingredients Nb solvents

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