Tea Ceremony

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To learn the tea ceremony you must visit Tu For Teeh in the Ninja's guild in Bes Pelargic.

You need approximately 230 bonus in people.culture.agatean to perform it with any realistic chance of success. Although it's possible to get TM's earlier.

The tea ceremony is a way of entertaining and honouring guests by preparing a green tea according to the following established order.

  • Hosts must start performing the ceremony by honouring and greeting the guest.
  • Next the pot must be heated on the brazier.
  • While the water is heated the host must place some tea into the bowl using the spoon.
  • This will have given the water in the pot ample time to heat and it is now simply a matter of transferring the water from the pot to the bowl using the ladle.
  • The tea in the bowl is now ready to be whisked into a froth using the whisk.
  • The host must now fill the cup with the tea from the bowl.
  • The last stage of the ceremony involves serving the tea in a respectful manner.

Ninja should remember that the ceremony also provides an honourable way of closing a contract. An important guest's cup may be laced with poison at any stage during the ceremony.

You bow to Tu For Teeh and prepare to start the ceremony.
You pick up the iron pot with both hands and put it on the brazier to heat.
You lace the cup with a liquid.
While reflecting on the beauty of the tea bowl you gently place some powdered tea into it using the bamboo spoon.
While commenting on the quality of the bowl, you transfer some water to it from the pot.
You sedately whisk the tea into a froth using the bamboo whisk in your right hand.
You delicately fill the cup with some frothy, green tea.
Bowing deeply, you pick up a cup of tea and carefully place it on the table in front of Tu For Teeh and turn it clockwise twice with your right hand.
Tu For Teeh says: Very nicely done.  You showed the proper thought and respect while carefully slipping some poison into the cup without anyone noticing.

Lacing The Cup

The cup can be laced at any stage after starting the ceremony, but not before you begin.

You cannot lace the cup with poison before you start the ceremony, that would be rude.

Successfully lacing the cup becomes more difficult the earlier in the process you try to do it. A covert.items.poisons bonus of 440 is enough to succeed after the 2nd stage of the ceremony about half the time.

Tu For Teeh says: Well done, Kawakisan, you sucessfully laced the cup with poison while attention would have been focused on the pot and brazier.

A bonus of 474 does not appear to be enough to succeed after the 1st stage of the ceremony, although indications imply that it is possible with a high enough bonus.

Tu For Teeh says: It was a mistake to attempt to lace the cup before you had even started making the tea.  Your impatience does you a great disservice.
Tu For Teeh says: You should learn how to better handle poisons covertly before you try again.