Thousand Dancing Celestial Fates

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Thousand Dancing Celestial Fates
Spell information
Nickname tdcf
Guild Wizards
Type Miscellaneous
Description Creates a magical charm for someone.
GP cost 50
Mind space 20
Thaums 4
Components octiron sliver (consumed), staff
It requires the focus of an octogram.
Tome Advanced Arts and Sciences of the Cunning Artificer

This is a miscellaneous wizard spell that creates a magic charm for the person the spell is cast on (although the charm will be in the caster's inventory).


This spell costs 50 GP to cast and takes up 20 units of mind space. It is cast on someone.


Spellcheck results
100 120 140 160 180 200 220 240 260 280 300

The following skills are used in the stages of this spell:


Casting messages


You step into the middle of the octogram and clench the octiron sliver in your firm, magical grasp.
Opening your hand, you stare at the sliver in your palm and force it to rise and ask it to spin.
As the sliver spins, you start whittling away at it with your mind.
The sliver starts to take form.
Noting the new form of the sliver, you concentrate on it fully and begin filling it with the thaumic energies encircling you.
The spinning mass begins to slow down.
You catch it in midair and grip it firmly, binding the enchantment completely within the object.


A pig charm wiggles in your hand!


One of standard spell failures, sliver is consumed.

To others

Wizard jumps into the middle of the octogram and does a little jig.
The small sliver Wizard holds in her hand starts to rise and begins spinning slowly.
The spinning sliver starts to be whittled away and begins revealing a strange shape.
Wizard glares at the strange mass intently as if trying to force it to do something it doesn't want to do.
Wizard pulls the object out of midair and holds onto it firmly.
Sparks emit from her hands momentarily then all is calm.
Wizard giggles slightly as if tickled.

The zodiac charm

The charms weigh 5/9 lb and emit various item chats. They cannot be added to charm bracelets, but are wearable by the person they were made for.

This is a magical charm.  An artifact of mystical property, indeed!  Octiron has been transmogrified into a strange, silverish-purple coloured, opaque glass or crystalline form, and shaped into a series of octagonal plates, linked together to form a bracelet.  On the main plate, two beady eyes gaze curiously back at you with a greenish glow.  The charm seems to shimmer iridescently as it reflects the ambient light.  It's amazing how intricate the details are on this charm.  It almost brims with the flames of sentient life.  Circling the plates that form the charm's latch is a fine, spidery writing, which shimmies and shivers with subtle sparks.  Perhaps this strange artifact has a use, or maybe it doesn't.  Who knows?  Who cares?  It's shiny!
It appears to have something written on it.
It is in excellent condition.
You read the monkey charm:
Crafted by <caster's first name> for <recipient's first name>.

They constantly change which animal they are, appearing variously as:

  • A dog charm.
  • A dragon charm.
  • A horse charm.
  • A monkey charm.
  • An ox charm.
  • A pig charm.
  • A rabbit charm.
  • A rat charm.
  • A rooster charm.
  • A sheep charm.
  • A snake charm.
  • A tiger charm.

Gazing into it puts the gazer--temporarily--into a magical land identical to the one from Mugwuddle's Muddling Mirage, with the exception that the gazer doesn't wander randomly. It also causes the gazer's position to be changed to "wandering around within a shimmering bauble".

gaze into charm
This is a fabulous land.  A herd of pink, naked men is flopping about on an indigo swamp, while a grey umbrella drowses nearby.
It is a very weird nibblebing's aftermoon.
There are as many obvious exits as you could wish.
You are suddenly transported to a magical land.
You gaze into the eyes of your charm and the world suddenly grows hazy and turns upside down.

The effect lasts for about a minute and a half.

It used to be possible to use this to stop combat, but this is no longer true, as you now cannot gaze into the charm while fighting:

Being busy fighting, your gaze into the charm is not intense enough to make anything happen.  Pretty <animal>!

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