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A tattoo parlour is a place where you can get a tattoo. Tattoos will show up as lines after your description, health, and position but before your visible inventory--as long as the tattooed body part isn't covered by clothing, that is.

Getting a tattoo hurts, causing a few injuries of around 40-136 hp each.

When getting a tattoo, you should be sure to stay in the shop until you can see the tattoo when you look at yourself (with the appropriate body part uncovered--you can check this with "coverage"). It may take a few seconds after the npc is apparently finished for the tattoo to be added, and leaving early may mean you don't get it.

Tattooable body parts

At any of the three tattoo parlours, you can get various body parts tattooed. What body parts are covered up by an item of clothing seems to correlate somewhat with the coverage the item offers, though there seems to be more to it since an item won't necessarily cover up tattoos in every area that it protects--for example a knapsack doesn't cover any tattoos, and a shimmering blue bathing suit (protecting the abdomen, back, and chest) only actually covers tattoos in the back and chest areas.

So an area can be uncovered for the purpose of tattoos, even if it's covered for purposes of the description (if you have a description for that zone).

Coverage area Tattoable body parts
eyes skin around the left eye, skin around the right eye
face forehead, head, left cheek, right cheek
neck neck, throat
arms left arm, right arm
hands left wrist, right wrist, left hand, right hand, left palm, right palm, left knuckles, right knuckles
back back, lower back, small of the back, left shoulder, right shoulder
chest left breast, right breast, navel, chest
abdomen abdomen, left hip, right hip, left buttock, right buttock
legs left leg, right leg, left thigh, right thigh, left kneecap, right kneecap
feet left foot, right foot, left ankle, right ankle

Tattoos can also be put on the left cheek, right cheek, left knuckles, or right knuckles.

Things that only cover the head or hair don't seem to cover up any tattoos.

Multiple tattoos

Each unique tattoo or unique combination of tattoos will show up on a separate line. If you get multiple tattoos on the same body part, they show up on the same line, with the most recent tattoo appearing last.

You can therefore, with a bit of planning, get multi-part tattoos longer than any individual tattoo can be--as long as you can work around the "and" and any commas.

If you get the exact same thing tattooed on multiple body parts, it stacks:

Her right arm and her left arm have a scattering of raindrops tattooed on them.

A more complex example, with the individual tattoos being, "glimmering scales", "a faint pair of gills", and "a pair of sleek, pointed fins":

Her neck has glimmering scales and a faint pair of gills tattooed on it.
Her back and her throat have glimmering scales tattooed on them.
Her left hip and her right hip have glimmering scales and a pair of sleek, pointed fins tattooed on them.

So, body parts stack if they have exactly the same single tattoo or exactly the same combination of tattoos. The tattoos do need to be in the same order for it to work, though--otherwise you get something like this (for the tattoos "a small bubble" and "a large, glistening bubble"):

Her left arm has a small bubble and a large, glistening bubble tattooed on it.
Her right arm has a large, glistening bubble and a small bubble tattooed on it.

There's nothing to stop you from getting the exact same thing tattooed on the same body part multiple times:

Her left leg has a tiny, sparkling bubble and a tiny, sparkling bubble tattooed on it.

Tattoo parlours

Different places charge different amounts and work slightly differently. These are the places you can get yourself tattooed:

Chester Copperpot's Tattoo Parlour

This parlour is located in Ankh-Morpork on Endless Street, near Shambling Gate. It costs &&&&&&&&&&&+4000 $10 to get a tattoo here.

Chester gives freeform tattoos: you can request anything you want, as long as it's 35 characters or fewer.

You'll get a chance to back out after you request the design.

They look like this:

Her left wrist has an ornate maze tattooed on it.[1]

Wun Staind Arm's Tattoo Parlour

This parlour is located in Bes Pelargic's southeast corner, by the piers. It costs &&&&&&&&&&&+4800 10Rh and works the same way as Chester's, except that tattoos here can be up to 45 characters.

The Tattoo You Parlour

Run by Colly Tolinson, this parlour is located in Genua on Liquor Alley. It works differently from the others, as it has a fixed selection of tattoos which include colour. In the description of these tattoos, the colour is highlighted.

The types available are : tribal, witches hat, mum, brooms, comet, fairy, wum, butterfly, tiger, sword, womble, wizards hat, alligator, moon, naked woman, cat, frog, fist, eagle, lips, lightning, hawk, anchor, mom, scythe, skull, spider, sun, star, girl, fruitbat, falcon, cabbage, hand, dragon, dagger, skull2, rose, naked man, spiderweb, hourglass and heart.

The colours available are: red, magenta, orange, yellow, green, blue, cyan, white and black.

These cost &&&&&&&&&&&&+900 3,0Gl, and you don't get asked whether you're sure you want them (though you do have to sit down before she will tattoo you).

They look like this:

Her right foot has a butterfly with wings of red tattooed on it.

This is the "butterfly" tattoo, and the word "red" shows up in red.

You can also buy body piercings here.

Tattoo room in the Hashishim Caves

Run by Rawhiya, this place is probably inaccessible to anyone who is not an assassin.

Hashishim need to earn the right to receive a tattoo.

Whether other assassins can receive tattoos needs testing.  research If this has been marked on a page, it's because there was something that probably isn't known, that the person who edited the page thinks could be found out. Perhaps you could figure this thing out, and be famous evermore. 

Tattoo Removal

Tattoos are removed when you die, and you will have to replace them when you revive.


  1. The requested tattoo was "an ornate maze". If you want your tattoo to include "a" or "an", you must include it in your request.