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The tapestries in this gallery include

Florence Kindele's "Flowers Alive" -- [TM: Ankh-Morporkian culture]

Exquisite needlework is evident on this tapestry which shows a vase of different coloured carnations. Each flower is a work of art in itself and the entire piece must have taken hundreds of hours to complete.

Jasmine Trillby's "Rainbow Serpents" -- [TM: Lancrastian culture]

Woven from a rainbow of different coloured threads, this tapestry features a pattern of zigzag lines running horizontally across the artwork. It extends from the ceiling to the floor.

Constance Penny's "Fairy" -- [TM: Ankh-Morporkian culture]

Done in cross-stitch, this work of embroidery shows a beautiful fairy dipping her foot into a clear pond. She is wearing a pink gauze dress and her wings are a pale gold, matching her blonde hair.

Four Pebble's "Springtime Cherry Blossoms" -- [TM: Agatean culture]

A long tapestry showing a single branch of a cherry tree. Beautiful pink blossoms are a highlight against the dark brown of the branch, the needlework is flawless and is done using a tiny stitch that makes the tapestry look more like a painting.

Constance Penny's "Bouquet" -- [TM: Ankh-Morporkian culture]

Displayed in a circular frame, this tapestry featuring ribbon embroidery shows a bouquet of flowers. Roses, carnations, gardenias and lavender have all been created using different stitches, knots and twirls with coloured ribbon.

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