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One of the five noble families in Bes Pelargic. Players can join the Tangs to gain a line in their title, money, and experience - as well as the use of the perks located in the family estate. The unique perks vary per family, but generally include things such as a mail/contract room, kitchens, gardens, and teachers you can advance from.


The symbol used by the Tang family is a crane, it can be found on family kimonos and crests.

The family colours are shades of green.

Family kimono [1]

The varying shades of green in this kimono show the wearer to be a member of the Tang family. The family emblem, the crane has been delicately embroidered onto the chest of the kimono. The Tang family kimono has two side pockets.


The Tang family requires proficiency in Agatean written skills - which you'll need anyhow to complete certain missions.

The Tang Family Estate

The Estate is in far northwestern BP/Possible Shoo Li district, westwards from the Tang Pier. Unlike the other families you may need to be creative to reach it - there is a ferry open to some, but you may need to swim and possibly climb to get in.

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