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If anyone's curious, the method I used for finding out vault capacity (in pounds):

  1. Fill the vault up until anything else is "too heavy" to put into it, including 1/9 lb items (rings in this case). Make sure the problem isn't the number of items, by switching out a heavy thing for two light things.
  2. Weigh everything in the vault on the post office scale, preferably grouping things in a container (the weight of the container is subtracted out, obviously). The balance can weigh up to 13 4/9 lbs at once, I think.
  3. Add up all the weights.

ETA: As Jonas's and Birds's both have weigh limits that amount to 1000 weigh units, I'm not entirely sure about the DBJ one, but after very carefully examining my scrollback I don't see any items I left out or any weights I copied down wrong. A minor mystery, I guess. ETA2: Redid Thella's and found it could hold exactly the same stuff as the Genua vault, so I must have gone wrong somewhere. --Ilde 05:58, 27 August 2009 (UTC)