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Xola wrote in the article:

===Stats of warming clothes===
*No one really knows how to quantify the amount of warming from clothes further than the above, e.g. if two items give 'enormous' there is no known way to find out which gives the most?

What this says is simply not true, just because there hasn't been much research done doesn't mean there's no way to know more information. Also questions go on the talk page, not in articles.

As stated in the article, the warmth or cooling that an article of clothing produce is not only quantified by the vague output of "temperature item <clothing>", but it can also be decomposed into the material factor (research needed to obtain figures, but linen cools while cotton warms some and fur warms lots, while metal varies depending on locale) multiplied by the areas amount, which should be the sum of values for each areas covered as stated in the article, although it would be best if confirmed by research.

Beyond that, it is possible to wear multiple pieces of clothing and observe the change to your overall temperature. By testing lots of items in various combinations it should be able to find a bunch of items which have the smallest variation which could then be used to compare how many of those "units" each bigger piece of clothing equates. --Frazyl 15:38, 18 October 2011 (UTC)