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The Best Combination

Only +2 to strength? Is there a reason it couldn't be +3? I know the Sek altar boost can be combined with strength gauntlets.

Also, is there a reason you couldn't hold charged prayer beads as well? They combine with the OC shrine boost. Or thief's daggers, though I don't have experience with them. --Ilde 07:57, 31 July 2009 (UTC)

Well if you held fully charged prayer beads after gauntlets would make +1 wiz, -1 con, -1 dex, -1 int, -1 str according to the formula.
You can't really combine stat items without lots of loss unless the item increases all stats by 2 or if it doesn't figure in the formula...
Sek altar would work I guess, but you'd have to go back to it often. Unless it messes up the gauntlets after the fact?
It can also be said the the OC shrine is not very portable.
Int tea and Wungle's Great Sucking also come with burden issue for the tea and scrolls (and enemies to kill) for the spell.
Bless might not work, it was said to me that blink + helm doesn't leave the helm bonuses intact. More testing needed I guess.
The bigger problem however I feel is saying it increases all stats while I don't see where it increases dex by +2.
Frazyl 19:43, 8 April 2010 (UTC)
Ahhh right. I no longer remember why I thought beads would combine with gaunts tbh. :/
The altar thing, though--you would definitely have to go back to it often, but it's no worse than the OC shrine (in fact it's better, since with the shrine you have to wait there before you get the bonus, and the duration seems a bit... variable?). I do know someone who used to (several months ago) use the altar all the time with gauntlets for +3, and it worked fine for him.
I kind of figured the point wasn't to demonstrate a really awesome or convenient/maintainable combination that someone would actually use, but more for... curiosity's sake, I guess? I mean, if you were trying to get a specific skill up you'd want to tailor your stat items to that skill.
I don't think bless combines... well, I know it doesn't combine with beads (it's like the bless disappears), so probably not other stat items that don't combine.
--Ilde 20:48, 8 April 2010 (UTC)

What about Mazda's shrine? Offering a stolen item of high enough value grants a Dex bonus of +1, and I think it stacks, although I'm not sure on that one.