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Does something else change whether the tentacle powers up? - Toffee 04/01/20

How powering up affects unarmed damage (or other things) and how the unarmed damage of the item compares to lion paws/leather strap gloves/knuckle dusters both need research. - Toffee 04/01/20

Before powering up and during powering up the tentacle seems to attack slower and has weaker attacks. The damage difference between the lion paws and the powered up tentacle is very close (see research), more thorough testing could of course be done but it seems they have similar damage levels. I would think the tentacle does more damage than the leather strap gloves or knuckle dusters. - Toffee 23/01/20

After testing the tentacle for a while it appears there are some main factors in choosing whether to use the tentacle or the lion paws. The tentacle has certain advantages over the paws - lower burden, generally better vs armour, can't be filched while replacing arm, no need to repair and can be purchased (so doesn't require the skills to complete the Djelian Warrior Champion quest). It also has disadvantages such as having to re-equip and charge it up every hour (during which it can be stolen or fumbled), unusable hand/hands, requires ambergris to buy from the Niknax and lower average damage. Stylistic choice will also be a factor for some. Just some thoughts I thought I'd summarise here. - Toffee 16/02/20 (Updated 19/05/2020 - removed slower comment about tentacle as it is inaccurate)