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Where did you get the name from? I've always heard them called "specials" or just "special attacks" here.

Also, I've heard that different specials do more or less damage with different weapons... so for two polearms with bash and smash, smash might do more damage than bash for one, and bash might do more damage than smash for the other. That's just what I've heard, though.

--Ilde 19:57, 15 August 2010 (UTC)

I have not heard of the name "power attack" on the mud, newspaper articles or board discussions. Special attack(s) or just "special(s)" are commonly used.

There are assertions in the text that seem unhelpful:

  • The introduction of the "arbitrary weapon data" term seems needlessly derogatory, "weapon characteristics" might be better.
  • Clearly damage made can in fact be measured, often and in many conditions, saying it's impossible to determine any weapon data is incorrect. How a weapon performs in various situations can be tested with time and effort, not getting the variables and code actually used in combat does not prevent this.
  • The straw-man attack of "indirect testing", supposedly inferior to "direct testing" (it is not clear what this is supposed to be), doesn't clarify anything; either there's an increase of damage observed with a given set of conditions or not or it's not been tested yet.
  • The text says that the specific type of special attack is not important, but then says that damage is based on weapon data and that different special attacks give different damage for the same weapon. This is confusing and seems contradictory.

This page seems to duplicate information found on other pages (Weapons, Category:Special attacks and Commands) but not in an improved format (long paragraphs, complex phrasing without formatting, confusing or seemingly contradictory information).

It seems to me that useful information in this page could be incorporated in one or more of those other pages and this page deleted.

--Frazyl 00:15, 18 August 2010 (UTC)