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Held the egg in my inventory all the time for about 4-5 days (3-4 hours online each day). Did some interactions- souls with <egg> in their syntax (hug, cuddle and pet), every now and then when I remembered, though I speculate this doesn't make a difference in the time it takes for the egg to crack. These three messages intermittently came through randomised about every 5 minutes or so , for about 2 or 3 hours before it hatched: "A quiet tap-tap-tap comes from your mottled grey egg." "A faint scratching noise comes from your mottled grey egg." "Your mottled grey egg's shell develops a small crack."

No messages before this 2-3 hour period.

The message that came through for when it cracked and produced the baby kraken: "The mottled grey egg bursts open in a shower of eggshell bits, releasing a baby kraken!"