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Is there any way to make this include the stats that are in individual weapon class pages? Like judge?

I'm looking at the code and can't see where I'd need to make that change

Pokey (talk) 14:56, 15 June 2020 (EDT)

There's a number of reasons it doesn't include judge info.
  • It would take even longer than all the category pages to load, and they are already taking a rather unreasonable amount of time to load. Last time I tried things broke.
  • Having pages for all strength multiplies that huge page by 16. Some pages are cached, but there's events that make all pages be invalidated and they need to be redone.
  • It's been said that comparing judge info across different weapon types is not helpful. Can't quite find where that was, but does it even make sense to have daggers and polearms on the same table?
What's the compelling reason to have the judge values in the huge table with all melee weapons?
--Frazyl (talk) 12:01, 16 June 2020 (EDT)

Hmm, I'm not aware of any specific research that indicates judge info across different weapon types isn't consistent. However I've not done the research myself. It's not a difficult piece to do, and I might do it.

I suppose the usefulness question hinges on whether or not that info is consistent, so happy to hold on to the thought until I get that piece of research in!

Pokey (talk) 12:20, 16 June 2020 (EDT)