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I cast MGAGT successfully for the first time yesterday and wanted to share the incredibly useful preparation advice that was given to me. Before casting the spell I buffed my stats by:

+2 Int (Ephebian Horse),

+2 Wis (Oc shrine of small gods),

+3 Con (casting WGS) (negated by bronze helm)

followed by a *further* +3 Int & +2 Wis and minus 3 Con from wearing a bronze helm (I also acquired +1 Str by placing a heart on Sek's low altar in AM, to ensure i didnt go over 50% burden)

I then cast the spell outside the p-shop in Holywood, which reliably gives readings on my thaumometer of +500 thaums of background magic above normal. It was either that or smash a fully charged thaum crystal to achieve the same level.

The end result was increasing the enchantment of my friend's Sea serpent scale from Level 3 to Level 6 with one cast, despite my raw bonuses being only: spells.misc 330, earth 229, chanting 282, enchanting 307, binding 307, evoking 307. A further cast took it to level 9 and a final cast took it to level 10.

So the extra effort in preparation is most definitely worth it.


Jasblyth (talk) 23:30, 22 January 2023 (EST)