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Armoured Tank vs Naked Skeleton

Would love to hear anyone else's experience with their skeletons plus any research.

When I first started using GRG, I would choose the heaviest armoured corpses I could kill. Knights in SUR or Imperial guards when I was grouped. Re-animated with all the equipment they wore and carried while they were alive. I was under the impression that a heavily armoured skeleton further protected by a TPA would assist me the most in combat. Now while it was true that it bought me further precious seconds in combat (e.g. against a group of SUR knights) allowing me a further couple of PFG casts before floater knockdown and my own TPA taking too much damage, I found this was not the optimal tactic.

Following the advice of MrWolfie, I switched to an unarmed, naked skeleton and was shocked at how much it improved combat. Despite my skeleton being unable to defend me (being unable parry without a weapon), the sheer lightning speed of the skeleton's attacks, allowed me to avoid taking any hits, reduced floater knockdown etc. As I had been advised, the skeleton was able to drain the Action Points of my enemies, vastly reducing their attacks, even in groups of 4 or 5 concurrent attackers.

Naturally a 'very fierce' skeleton assisted the most, but even the weakest level naked skeleton would have an enormous benefit. I found that the TPA cast on the skeleton would last its entire lifespan, without the need to recast, very different to it's armoured equivalent. I don't know if this is because of a boost to the named skeleton's dodging due to zero burden, the reduced number of attacks from attackers or a combination of the two.

Am curious to know if naked and unarmed really is optimal, or if there's something even better.

Wise Nasrin of Mrs. Widgery's Lodgers ( bonus around 400+)