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More info on uses of the skill. --Frazyl 20:30, 7 August 2010 (UTC)

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Re:#1 fi.sp.we
Note #50 by Panzy at Wed Aug 4 23:56:10 2010 on board warriorsguild

On Fri Jul 30 14:42:17 2010 [local time zone], Kensai wrote:
> I was thinking about the role this skill plays and wondering if anyone has
> any advice they can give as to the extent to which it is useful to advance
> it.

I put off advancing this for so long, since I was under the same impression as most in this thread - that once you get 100% preparation rate, that's it with sp.we.

I ended up advancing this a long way and noticed probably the biggest change i've felt with a skill. My specials went from taking 3-4 rounds to launch, to the next round. I can also now queue up 2-3 specials and they'll all go off, sometimes 2 in the same round as well. Before I advanced it, if I queued them I would just lose the moment with them. So basically it massively reduces the AP associated with specials.

Regarding difficulty to hit or defend against specials, I didn't notice a difference, so I believe this has no effect on those.

So yes, definitely worth a good bunch of xp being dumped into it!