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* Majir 2011-01-14: Following a bug fix, these achievements are no longer attainable without teaching XP. A sustained income of over 3.8 million XP/hr would be needed to earn 6 million XP in four hours (the approximate duration of a Discworld MUD day). Because the duration of day and night changes with the season the actual income required will also vary but even on the longest day the requirement far exceeds what can be achieved through killing and burying NPCs.

Mirodar 2012-09-20: The threshold for these achievements has since been dropped to 5,000,000 XP. If I have correctly interpreted the information here then a sustained rate of 2 million XP an hour for 4 hours would result in approximately 5.13 million XP. At the time of writing this the ahievement was last completed 2021-06-30.