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Year items first appeared

Item Name Year Added
a big shiny sword 2020
a very long sausage 2020
a string of sausages 2021
a glittering white wand 2021
a Hogswatch tree bauble 2023
a burnt mini Hogswatch pudding 2023
a rasher of extra-crispy bacon 2023
a slice of black pudding 2022
a brightly painted wooden pine tree 2020
a brightly painted wooden tooth fairy 2021
a brightly painted wooden Mister Teatime 2022
a brightly painted wooden Bilious, the Oh God of Hangovers 2023
a pink Snouter costume 2020
a pink Rooter costume 2021
a pink Tusker costume 2022
a pink Gouger costume 2023
a cute Hogfather costume 2020
a disgruntled owl 2020
a confused squirrel 2020
a teacup pig 2022
a miniature sausage dog 2023
a castle with pointy bits 2020
a fantastical toymaker's cloak 2020
a velvet-cushioned saddle 2021
an embroidered velvet saddlecloth 2021
a pair of winter wonderland saddlebags 2023
a pink sugar pig 2022
a shiny box 2022
a greaseproof paper package 2022
a turnip sack 2023
a bright green bag 2023
a sparkling crystal jar of sugar lumps 2023
a Casa de Cerdos sherry bottle 2023
a Hogswatch Ale bottle 2023
a tinsel charm bracelet 2022
a thread spool 2022
a frosty white perfume bottle 2022