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[gothic clothing shop]
This is a dark and gloomy little shop.  The overpowering sensations of incense and
teen angst beat down on you from all directions.  Black velvet drapes hang from a
ceiling entirely covered by mirrors.  Industrial metal shelves with shiny rivets
gleam and beckon shoppers to view the gothic items displayed for sale.  In the
centre of the shop is a circular metal counter.
There is one obvious exit: west.
Nmad'Ho and Wynter Silverfyre are standing here.
An angsty black safe is behind the counter.
You close the dread portal door.

Nmad'Ho says in Djelian: You have fled Djelibeybi to evade justice, Tabs.
Nmad'Ho says in Djelian: Now you die.
Nmad'Ho moves aggressively towards you!