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This skill tree is a bit of an odd case, where every skill it contains is used in exactly the same way and for the same commands. Helpfiles even say things like "the relevant subskill of covert.stealth", and the only places I can think of where you very definitely use a specific subskill rather than covert.stealth.situational are classrooms. So, would anyone object to moving the "uses" from the covert.stealth.inside, .outside, and .underwater pages to this one, and just having "See covert.stealth" on those pages for the uses? I think it's redundant in a bad way to have them all separate like that when really it's pretty much all the same thing, and to have three pages to update whenever you want to add a use for stealth (or change something, since if it's applicable to one, it's likely going to be applicable to all).

It's contrary to how the rest of the skill pages are set up, but I think it would be a good idea in this one case.

(The faith skill tree does have a similar issue, but since there are plenty of rituals that specifically use, for instance, fa.ri.mi.self (as opposed to either or fa.ri.mi.ta, depending on the target), changing those pages up would be messier and would mean splitting the uses up... in those cases I think it is better to just say "Detect Alignment (when used on oneself)" or whatever's applicable. There's some redundancy there, which is a bit annoying, but the lists aren't exactly the same.)

--Ilde 05:58, 25 December 2010 (UTC)

Well you could include the covert.stealth text in the three subskills. Possibly better than just linking to it.

Could be worth it to add obvious and non obvious uses for each subskills, like for underwater... inhuming a target hiding in a water room... For indoors there's sneaking into restricted Bes Pelargic family areas whereas just getting into the estate is mostly a outdoors check.

--Frazyl 01:03, 26 December 2010 (UTC)

Yeah, possibly that would work better.
Well, but that's just a question of where you're doing something, right? Like the family estates--getting into restricted areas via sneaking uses because it's indoors and that's how sneak works, not because it's a special separate thing that someone just decided should use that skill. I think it's a bit redundant to say, "Inhuming if the target is underwater, sneaking when underwater, casing when underwater" etc., when the caveat is already elsewhere and the distinction is clear-cut (in that once you know, "This skill is used if you're indoors, this one if you're outdoors, and this one if you're underwater", and you know what type of room you're in, it's not a mystery which skill you'll be using). I think there are guardian-type npcs outdoors that you can sneak past, too (it's how you can get past the giants in the land of the giants, isn't it?)... that actually seems like something that belongs in the Sneak article, that you can use the command to get past npcs that are guarding places (so I've added it!).
If there is something that one skill is uniquely used for that the others aren't, then there's no reason for it not to be listed, but otherwise I think it's a bit unecessary to specify "when underwater" or "in these specific places"... even if it would be more unusual to be using the command in that specific place.
--Ilde 05:39, 26 December 2010 (UTC)
Non-obvious uses could have been worth it, only I couldn't think of anything much and you're right odds are they would be better off in the commands used.
--Frazyl 06:36, 26 December 2010 (UTC)