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Slot column

I don't see the point of the slot column, it's a duplicate of the type column!

The type column assigns the slot(s) of the item which can be clarified in the "Wearing containers" section. If an item doesn't fit its type it can be specified in the notes column.

--Frazyl 07:49, 11 January 2011 (UTC)

Well, LeaChim pointed out to me that specifying slot would be nice for working out blorple storage. And I agree; it's more obviously useful to be able to sort with all the things that use the same slot put together... but I do like the "type" as well since you may want to sort, e.g., all the backpacks together or something like that. Maybe it could be arranged better, though... like merging that column with the type (so you have "back (backpack)", "back (satchel)" and so on).
--Ilde 18:55, 11 January 2011 (UTC)
I'm not sure I understand what you're saying is useful to know for blorple storage. Do you mean that it's nice to know how many say robes you can wear at the same time? Or to find what covers something less likely to be hit in combat and break?
Or do you mean it's for Remember Place?
Right now there's things like robe, cloak... are those place holders to be replaced by zones like chest,back?
If it's about bags/backpacks/satchels/baskets being the same slot I'm all for putting all those in the same Type-Slot in one column, not two. It was mentioned that they all occupied the same slot at the top of the page but if it's clearer just one unified name in the table then that's good. Maybe put the subtype after like "Shoulder bag", "Shoulder satchel"?
--Frazyl 20:47, 11 January 2011 (UTC)

Container clothing

It's not specified but surely "Clothing with pockets" excludes clothing which are only useful by being containers.

Those items usually contain at least a pound, cover only one zone and don't change temperature.

Container clothing would include: suspender belt, bag, tool belt, pouched belt, satchel, backpack, necklace, pouches.

--Frazyl 07:49, 11 January 2011 (UTC)

Yep, that clothing can stay on this page. I made Clothing with pockets because LeaChim was having a lot of trouble editing Container and we thought it might have to do with the size of the page and number of templates on it (then they figured out that it was something to do with having all those links, the wiki... [checks htell] "parsing the page twice" "in order to work out if external links have changed". I think they found it could be worked around by blanking the page, then adding everything back with the changes, though. Forgot to ask if they also have that problem with furniture as it also has a lot of links...). So--it's not there to be a page in its own right so much as a page to be included in this one for easier editing. (That's also my response to the one below.) Bit kludgy but it seems the best solution for the moment.
--Ilde 18:55, 11 January 2011 (UTC)

Clothing with pockets

Expect perhaps for those who can hold a lot (about 5 lb?) I think they could all be moved to the Clothing with pockets page to unclutter the container page. The table there can be included in the container page if wanted. All the table rows across container item pages could be included in one big page if needed.

--Frazyl 07:49, 11 January 2011 (UTC)

Container testing

Weight testing with ash, simplified:

1 bucket of ash = 2 2/9 lbs

1 handful of ash = 1/9 lbs

1 pinch = 1/9 lbs

50 pinches = 1/9 lbs

51 pinches = 2/9 lbs

Every 9 handfuls = 9/9 lbs = 1 full lb

Test by moving (at most) 1 bucketful to desired container. Use above math to sort things out. Enjoy. :)

--Maeko 20:20, 5 March 2014 (UTC)

Are there any items with recommended weight for testing the capacity of containers, such as specific items in the DW environment that conveniently weigh exactly a pound or other round values? --Gunde 17:30, 26 May 2010 (UTC)

Any non-continuous items that weigh 1/9 lb should do, off-hand for ones you can find for free I'd suggest pebbles. I think they're all 1/9 lb?

You can get lots from Blue Moon Park or in OC outside the smithy the coal are pebbles and in many hill or mountain terrains you should be able to 'get' some but then you might find bigger rocks instead.

--Frazyl 19:39, 26 May 2010 (UTC)

I was looking for something a bit heavier, otherwise large containers might get filled up with the maximum number of items before the weight limit is hit. --Gunde 19:51, 26 May 2010 (UTC)
Oh I thought you meant number of item capacity. I supposed you could use some herb like yarrow, you'd need to know how many weighted what so that it would count as one item, but continuous items are a bit buggy with putting small amount of it at a time so you'd need to put it all at once...
Or pebbles/stones/rocks but you'd need to carry them around to weigh them on a balance then see how many fit in and fill it up with pebbles.
Otherwise, items that can get be gotten cheaply in ample supply could be best. Strips of cloth are easy enough to make and weigh 6/9 lb.
Oh you could use containers, for example a large jar weigh 1/9 lb but filled with water it weighs 1 7/9 lb.
Generally you could use Utensils, those weights are known. Not very expensive. --Frazyl 20:50, 26 May 2010 (UTC)
You could use weapons. For smaller containers, daggers should fit, and there are plenty of nice cheap ones. They have a decent range of weights, too (including moon daggers at exactly 1 lb and Klatchian steel dirks at exactly 2 lbs), so you can swap them around if you're near the limit for number of items... like, to add 1/3 lb you could swap a moon dagger for a bone knife, to add 6/9 lb you could swap a moon dagger for a copper fighting knife... etc.
For large containers... when I was working out vault capacities I think I used studded leather jackets because they're 11 1/9 lbs, plentiful, and cheap.
I guess you could also get large rocks and chip them down to whatever weight you want, since chipping always makes it 1/9 lb lighter. The rock shop on Quarry Lane sells nice big ones or you could try your luck in the terrains (for what it's worth, "pebble" is a range of weights--they're not all 1/9 lb, look at rock).
--Ilde 02:27, 27 May 2010 (UTC)


A lot of information can be found on and it might be easier to double-check the values there than to start from scratch. --Gunde 20:33, 27 May 2010 (UTC)

Well... I know some of the values there are wrong. Therefore everything would have to be checked before putting it in, which means getting the container and weighing it and appraising it. It is useful as a list of containers to look for, though. --Ilde 22:00, 27 May 2010 (UTC)


If anyone wants to do the fiddly part of working out the weight capacities, I've got several you can have (and do whatever you like with afterwards): a black backpack, a black silk backpack, a light grey silk backpack, a deep red silk backpack, a triangle shaped silk backpack, a light blue silk backpack, a deep orange silk satchel, a small blue silk satchel, a white silk satchel, a small shoulder pouch, a small rambler's backpack, a crude string bag, an artificer's tool belt, a large satchel, a large backpack, a stylish black bag, a sensible black bag, a pouched black leather belt and a small backpack. Just send me a tell or leave a note here and I'll give them/deposit them for you (or any specific ones, if you don't want to do all of them). --Ilde 03:59, 28 May 2010 (UTC)

It would be nice to also get the dimensions with appraise or exact ones with a measuring tape because items larger than the container will not fit inside. --Frazyl 23:12, 28 May 2010 (UTC)

Good idea... I put a couple of columns for it in. --Ilde 23:49, 28 May 2010 (UTC)

Capacity / capacity

Is it really helpful to have a column of "Capacity in pounds / Capacity in number of items"? Seems to me that you want either Capacity in pound/weight or Capacity in items/weight or possibly some product of the two (even that might be of dubious use without weighting each) but I'm not sure what you can do with the ratio of one capacity/other capacity... --Frazyl 02:07, 9 June 2010 (UTC)

Oh, I thought that would be a good indicator of whether it's good for heavy items or light items... you know, filled to item capacity. Maybe it's not that useful, though. --Ilde 03:10, 9 June 2010 (UTC)

I'm guessing wildly that liquid containers might have a weight limit proportional to the number of drops that can fit in.

Say for example every 100 drop could equate 1/9 lb of weight capacity. This would need to be tested. --Frazyl 02:46, 9 June 2010 (UTC)

Bottles in witch cottages

I can see you dropped out the varying weights of large bottles found in witch cottages. They really do vary in weight, I took several batches of 10 to the post office. And they can all hold the same amount of drops. So how to get that information back into the table? --Gunde 06:24, 10 June 2010 (UTC)
Yes, it would not calculate the ratios without one weight. I think the way forward is to document each colour bottle, which cottage it's from or Kefka's id if there is one. Lots of cut and paste with colour and weight changing, otherwise there could be no ratios. The other way is to add in the comments that it's between the two but that's much less helpful. --Frazyl 06:29, 10 June 2010 (UTC)
Unfortunately the weight does not depend of the colour. For testing I had taken about 20 bottles from Auntie Ogg-San's crate, most of them blood red, but some other colours as well.
Preceding unsigned comment by Gunde.
That's because those bottles didn't come from the same place. Hopefully their description are different. We need to know where they come from anyway for others to be able to use the info. --Frazyl 18:21, 10 June 2010 (UTC)
The bottles did come from the same place, at least per colour. Just to make sure I have collected samples from Granny and Auntie Ogg-San with the following results:
Blue bottles from Granny were between 1 7/9 and 2 lb. Turquoise bottles were between 1 2/9 lb and 1 3/9 lb. Red bottles were between 2 lb and 2 1/9 lb. So the variation seems even bigger than I had thought, and even bottles of identical size and colour can have different weights. They still hold the same volume though. --Gunde 23:43, 10 June 2010 (UTC)
This is very odd. Still probably best to put them as separate objects unless the weight actually change by itself. Anyway it's the best idea I can think of. Well we could put a table inside the cells that change to put several rows I suppose... --Frazyl 01:01, 11 June 2010 (UTC)

Big Cardboard Box

I can't get the page to save, but the big cardboard box will take 56 papers. --Senji


Sashes actually share the slot with tool belts, but I don't dare edit the tables myself ~~Vee

The black silk sash from the Moonlit market and the utility belt from the Moonlit market do not share the same slot, because I wear those at the same time. Other items might have been modified, but you'd have to be more precise. --Frazyl (talk) 21:57, 18 February 2020 (EST)

The black silk sash (MM) and the sturdy leather belt with pouches (Lancre hunters shop) share the same slot for sure:

> You cannot put on the sturdy leather belt with pouches since you are already wearing a black silk sash.

Pokey (talk) 17:30, 28 October 2020 (EDT)