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Hey, where did you find the info on the different families' symbols? I was looking for that a while ago, but I couldn't find anything (other than a feeling that some of them were thematically or punnily appropriate for particular families, which is not something I want to base anything on). --Ilde 04:24, 15 May 2010 (UTC)

Heh I was just waiting for the wiki to stop acting up to add more info on symbols. Though it doesn't include where I got them.

While exploring the headquarters of families I found them as designs or other add_item in the rooms.

For the Gumboni it's on the ceiling of their meeting room west and south of the Cup O' Regime's office.
For the Coeur Lion it's a design on the border of the carpet in the old fashioned office upstairs.
For the Corrola the fist with engorged knuckles is on the safe on the accountant's office and on the design of the curtains in the carriage, while the flaming sword is on the the design on the outside of the carriage. Still haven't found a third one though.

By the way the godfathers are beyond locked doors so I can't really confirm those. The rest I got by looking at the named npcs, for the Gumboni the short name of the office tells you who it is. For the others I'm guessing who's who.

By the way it's not easy finding ways to make families like you without killing henchmen. Tried the Kick Consortium but it seems to make the other families hate you, I made a bug report about that... Some info mentions gambling and betting.

--Frazyl 06:27, 15 May 2010 (UTC)

Oh, neat! I didn't think to look there (haha, especially since I wasn't and still am not quite sure where I can go without getting ganked). I messed about looking in the library and the clacks tower and trying to get info from Johnny the Shoeshine Boy (who will tell some pretty astonishing (and some dubious) things, but sadly, not that).
I heard or saw some rumour that shoplifting from a shop under the protection of a family will reduce your reputation with them and increase it with the other two... I don't know if that's true, though. That's what I'd been planning to do, but without knowing what the symbols meant it was too much of a crapshoot. --Ilde 07:52, 15 May 2010 (UTC)
Ok I've checked all the shops and will put who protects them shortly. The only unknown was those with "a 'K' encircled by a larger 'C'" but I'm fairly sure that's the Corrola, probably refers to the Kick Consortium.
--Frazyl 07:55, 15 May 2010 (UTC)

The C around a K is on the curtains in the carriage in the Corrola compound. --Frazyl 10:37, 28 August 2011 (UTC)


[Gumboni Meeting Room]
    v      This long, wide room is dominated by a large mahogany table, surrounded by about twenty chairs. 
    |      Along the western wall there are large windows looking out over the bustling metropolis that is
    $-     Genua, while there are a few paintings of dangerous looking men hanging on the eastern one.  The
    |      ceiling appears to be made from richly polished panels of oak, and looks down on this room with
    @      the air of something that has heard great and terrible things aborning.  This seems to be the sort
           of place you really should not be if you have not been expressly given permission.  Unless you
           want your legs broken.
           There is one obvious exit: north.
           A heavily muscled man (hiding) and a heavily muscled man are standing here.
l designs
In a stunning example of parquetry, three designs have been set into the ceiling: a pot with stylised flashes of lightning striking it, a star with three dots at each point and a square with a stylised bolt of lightning in the middle.


[accounting office]
    $-     This office carries the promise of money changing hands.  From the large cast-iron safe that takes
    |      up much of the space in the room, to the abacus designed to aid with calculating accounts the
    @-$    whole place reeks of accountancy.  Half hidden under a forest of papers and coffee mugs stands a
      |    stained looking desk that looks as if it has suffered from years of caffeine abuse.  In one corner
           stands a small heater and a coffee pot, presumably to allow the occupant of this office to fuel
           his, or her, addiction.
           There are two obvious exits: north and east.
           Samuel Casso is sitting on the chair and a rowdy woman (hiding) and a rowdy woman are standing here.
l safe
The safe is of the traditional, large and sturdy type.  Its front door has a wooden panel attached to it, on which is depicted a flaming sword.  The safe itself would most likely withstand the onslaught of an army.
It is in excellent condition.
It is closed and locked.
[Honest Joe's carriage warehouse]
   -*-     Carriages are everywhere in this warehouse.  It would be possible to find just about any carriage
    |      you would care to name here, from an archaic coronation carriage to a farm cart.  An old, slightly
  $-@      run down carriage in the corner appears to have been stood on blocks rather than being repaired. 
  |        How odd, you'd have thought in a place like this it would have had some new wheels put on and have
           been sold.
           There are two obvious exits: north and west.
l carriage
The carriage door is old and battered.  It has been decorated with an odd design.
It is closed.
l design
It appears to be a flaming sword.
[inside of an old carriage]
    @      The inside of this old carriage is still opulent, being covered in plush velvet curtains and
           cords, yet the decorations are in a style that was popular years ago and most of the colours are
           faded.  The carriage itself would probably not be too comfortable to ride in as the seats have
           been taken out and replaced by a desk and chair combination.  Perhaps this is actually someone's
           There is one obvious exit: leave carriage.
           Louis Accardo is sitting in the chair and two grubby scarred thugs and a rowdy woman are standing here.
l curtains
The curtains are manufactured from purple velvet.  The colour appears to have faded slightly due to
exposure to light, but otherwise it still adds a touch of class to the carriage.  A design has been
embroidered onto the curtains.
l design
Faded embroidery picks out the design of a 'K' encircled by a larger 'C'.

Coeur Lion

[old fashioned office]
    $      This office was designed to be in the traditional style of Genuan decoration.  The walls appear to
    |      be made from local timber that has been stained cobalt blue, but this is only evident because of
   -$-     the few places that are not covered by the various wall hangings and paintings.  These decorations
    |      were probably collected by the occupant of this office over the many years he has held this
    @      position, more than likely at great cost.  The floor is covered by a cream carpet, with an
           interesting border.  At the back of the room, in front of the blind covered window, is a tidy desk
           and chair.
           There is one obvious exit: north.
           A genteel lady is standing near the desk and Paulie Clemence is sitting in the lion head chair.
l border
The carpet is bordered by a strip of black, into which cream thread, exactly matching the carpet, has been used to weave a design.
l design
The design appears to be three patterns, repeated over and over.  The patterns show a stylised lion, a dagger with three dots above it and a sweeping cloak.


I have some doubts on the Racetrack, maybe it's really a battleground for families. I mean, gambling is a Gumboni thing and the library information on the family says its their turf, but then the Corrola specialize in race horses and there's gentlemen as bodyguards in the race tracks which makes me think of the Coeur Lion.

There's a rug in Albert Dimagio's office with a strange symbol on it in the description, but the refined gentleman won't let me in... Where's the numberchasers killing those when you need them? :p

--Frazyl 06:51, 15 May 2010 (UTC)

Well the symbol in the racetrack's manager's office is Gumboni.

The rug has an odd pattern woven into the material.  It looks like a pot with stylised flashes of lightning striking it.

A bit weird that it's an immaculate gentleman that guards the door. Maybe not all the gentleman are related to Coeur Lion.

--Frazyl 19:18, 23 August 2011 (UTC)


Is it possible that there's some kind of time cooldown on being able to join any family after killing a consigliere? (Independent of reputation?) --Z 4/21/2012

Criminal reputation goes down after waiting a while. Is it the same with scorn/respect from the families? Tabs 4:04, 16 November 2010 (UTC)

I'm fairly sure it does, I fought in the Kick Consortium in the sewers a lot once, making the other two families start to give chats that they didn't like me. After a while they stopped the chats, back to neutral I believe. --Frazyl 02:43, 17 November 2010 (UTC)
Cool, I was starting to worry about my reputation after several fights in the sewers. --Tabs 07:41, 17 November 2010 (UTC)


I've never seen a hitman attack a resurectee after a hitman deathblow, but I have seen a last death from regular family thugs / guards due to repeatedly being killed when trying to retrieve corpse. Perhaps the hitman only returns if they didn't actually get the deathblow? If there's a log of a hitman killing a resurectee after a hitman deathblow, I'd like to see it (from before the first death to after the second). --Zexium 03:13, 19 November 2010 (UTC)


It seems that at least some of the shady character are spies working for the Coeur Lion family, probably some for the other families as well.

After starting to attack one it said:

The shady character exclaims with a Genuan accent: The Coeur Lion family will have your hide for this!

Possibly the gentlemen might have an affiliation as well.

I'm not sure how to easily tell who they're with, attacking them can take a long time before they say it.

So far 5/5 shady characters were working for the Coeur Lion family.

--Frazyl 14:01, 10 December 2011 (UTC)