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Brain Storming New Charms

So I have been compiling lists of ideas for new charms for a while and I am sure others have been too. I propose we can use this space for brain storming some of our ideas before filing our official idea reports. Also if you have filed an idea report for charms you can record the report numbers here for Dji to easily take a look.

Charm Shape Ideas

CWC Themes

rice grain or grain of rice
imperial guard
agatean symbol of luck
agatean symbol of good fortune
agatean symbol of prosperity
tiger fang
chicken (we have rooster)

Ephebe Themes

cresting wave
Laurel Wreath
foot prints

Anywhere Shapes

tobacco pouch
beer mug
envelope SWAK
cart wheel
skeleton or dangly skeleton

New Material Ideas

Materials for CWC

porcelain (currently djb only)
clay (currently djb only)

Materials for Ephebe

clay (currently djb only)

Materials for Anywhere

(Charm Chasers May 1 23:04) Henrey: For materials I was thinking amethyst, citrine, wooden, bone, and pewter.

Alternative to Bracelets

My thought is they would still only hold 15 charms but would add more wearable slots.
charm necklace
charm anklet
charm chatelaine (charm belt)

Club Discussion Regarding Crafting Charms

(Charm Chasers May  2 16:57) Oki: I jsut added my finesmithing idearep to that idearep list on the wiki.  I think I've got another half-finished list like that lying about somewhere on my home PC...
(Charm Chasers May  2 16:58) Henrey: To make our own charms?
(Charm Chasers May  2 16:59) Henrey: That would definitely get me excited about finesmithing again, if I could make the specific charms I wanted without having to wait for them to be in stock.
(Charm Chasers May  2 17:00) Persephone: the finesmithing idea goes in well with the materials ideas you were thinking of Henrey.
(Charm Chasers May  2 17:00) Broldam: That would be neat! Although finesmithing items need 8 description lines I think; 4 degrees of failure and 4 of success, so that'd probably be more detail than the average charm.
(Charm Chasers May  2 17:01) Oki: Yeah, that's why they denied my first idearep for it, but this one has 8 descriptions per charm shape :)
(Charm Chasers May  2 17:01) Broldam: Ooh, you already did the description lines! That's fantastic! :D
(Charm Chasers May  2 17:02) Persephone: Good point, Broldam. They would be very special charms with real descriptions, nice, Oki
(Charm Chasers May  2 17:02) Henrey: So, hopefully it has a better shot. I just hope we'd be able to make every shape(and hopefully with every material) that would be available in the shops, but they'd be even nicer than the shop ones with the added descriptions(with high skills).
(Charm Chasers May  2 17:04) Broldam: That reminds me, I need to write 8 description lines for smoking pipes for either finesmithing or woodworking so I can idearep it. The clay ones are neat but clay can't be engraved..
(Charm Chasers May  2 17:04) Oki: I think it might have been before the "you can carry lots of charms now" changes though, not sure how possible it would be to integrate this
(Charm Chasers May  2 17:04) Persephone: This reminds me .. I forgot to submit my BP charm idea report.
(Charm Chasers May  2 17:05) Henrey: Though some of the materials aren't metal. Some could be covered by gemcutting. Though woodworking would be needed for some of the materials I wanted to suggest.
(Charm Chasers May  2 17:06) Broldam: Charms seem to be able to be made from almost anything, including clay! As much as I'd love to see new clay items, I feel like the older crafts will be more difficult for cres to tinker with, either due to the coding difficulty or difficulty in having access to something that's been been left alone for so long.
(Charm Chasers May  2 17:06) Broldam: So finesmithed charms would probably (maybe?) be the easiest type of craftable charm to implement.
(Charm Chasers May  2 17:06) Persephone: maybe the charms would need their own system like the decorating tables. so you would have choices from the standard charm shapes, able to use materials the table sets and the result is the normal charm.
(Charm Chasers May  2 17:06) Henrey: Oh yeah, the clay ones would need pottery skills I guess.
(Charm Chasers May  2 17:08) Broldam: I could be wrong, but I think needlework and pottery are the oldest crafts on the Disc. I assume this mostly because the skill bonuses they require are enough to deter most players from trying them (especially needlework; pottery takes a good nest egg of XP to make anything attractive, but I've never met a player on the Disc ever who could do any of the top several embroidery patterns)
(Charm Chasers May  2 17:09) Henrey: I'd probably be fine however it's done so long as all materials/shapes can be done. I know many people find hunting down the charms exciting, but it's frustrating for me, so any way I can get specific charms, either custom order or making them myself would be thrilling for me.

Submitted Idea Report #s

Add your report numbers below here.
Report #152729 Persephone filled a detailed report minus the BP themed ideas.
Report #151427 Persephone - Older idea about brief list in djb stall
Report #147334 Oki - Finesmithing your own charm bracelet charms

New Ideas - Not yet filed in a report