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Some things that could be expanded with further research:

  • What is the relation between burden and the difficulty of climbing?
  • Does having more burden increase damage taken if you fall? That would probably make armour absorbing fall damage less helpful.
  • Does climb assess refer to some absolute scale or is it relative to your skills?

As far as I can figure out, climbing assess doesn't seem to give you the complete picture. At times it indicates that the climb should be easy but it fails.

For example: Even with 18 % burden and with climbing shoes and gloves, which gives me a rope bonus of 219, I fail climbing the rope to the moonlit market but climbing assess says it would be a fairly average climb. Is this due to a check of another skill (I think I read vaulting somewhere?), assess referring to a scale that's not relative to the climber, something else? Is this related to how climbing got harder for several places many months back?

Something else that got harder is the stairs in the House of Magic in Creel Springs. In the past I had tmed a lot there and was able to just go up most of the time. Now I need to put on my climbing shoes and gloves to have a chance to get up to the second level.

Frazyl 18:53, 30 January 2010 (UTC)