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I've always hated this spell.

It's got ridiculously high requirements, requires way more GP than anything else, and then...
...really doesn't do very much at all!

In my experience, it doesn't do anything to increase the speed at which honeycombs reappear, and makes very little difference to the speed at which honey is regenerated within the combs. On the order of changing 1 hour for a full refill to 55 minutes. If you're going to dump 200 GP on a spell, it really ought to be a whole lot more impressive. At the moment, it's almost always quicker and more productive to fly off to raid other beehives; even if that fails there are various shops from which honey can be bought/shoplifted.

To that end, I'd welcome anyone (with more patience than I) doing some research into this spell; my feeling is that it's probably hilariously bugged (decimal point out of place, perhaps?), but that's hard to claim without research to back it up.

--Chat 14:31, 20 June 2009 (UTC)