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I would like to some how add information about the custom axes to this page. Possibly something referring to the pages for them or something so that people know where to find it. I keeping getting asked about them cause people can't seem to find them. Will poke more at it tomorrow perhaps. ---Baldarov

You mean the axes in the following pages?
It would make more sense to first put the data in the main namespace page and include that, I'm not sure the include even works with the research namespace...
Also would need to be tweaked something like Ug Ogg armours but for weapons to look right though.
--Frazyl 08:04, 21 March 2012 (UTC)
Well, I am thinking of just making a single page, perhaps called custom barbaric axes, sort of similar to custom samurai weapons as the main page then go from there to the respective axe pages which will then have judge info on them, hopefully in a format similar to what is on Research:Barbaric hatchet (custom weapon) towards the bottom. Also thinking of just ditching the barbaric part altogether although that is featured as part of the name on all of them and if there are ever other custom axes (other than the custom throwing axes from Mano Rossa) there may be some confusion.
Just annoying that there are basically 60 different axes in all with some of the judge info overlapping but not all of it.
See also Talk:Barbaric_hatchet_(custom_weapon) and see what you think. Trying to come up with simple names that will allow for easy design cause I'm wanting to move away from the research pages into a real page for the axes...