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Alter information | direction......... 326 323 current Agatean............. | 91 |....| 90 |

You carefully examine all the data the McSweeneys have managed to collect on the Fangs. There is quite a lot of it, so it should be possible to make a change without detection. You change the symbols on the map so that the McSweeneys now have a much better route to the Fang family estate. Doh! There is no way the damage can be undone. You toss the chit away in disgust.

I don't know why. Mirodar 08:59, 27 September 2021‎

It sounds like it uses another skill, I would guess fighting.special.tactics. Eyeing several times and mocking should help find which one it is. --Frazyl (talk) 20:17, 27 September 2021 (EDT)