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Tabs added:

If your family is on bad terms with all of the other families, you will be unable to collect money from your account. 

This seems weird. Shouldn't it only fail if you're on bad terms with your own family? --Frazyl 05:28, 28 May 2011 (UTC)

It also fails if their money is busy being spent on fighting the other families. Right now their status with the other families are:
The Tang family and the Hong family are engaging each other in light skirmishes.
  The Tang family and the Sung family are on poor terms.
  The Tang family and the Fang family are on poor terms.
  The Tang family and the McSweeney family detest each other.
And when I try to collect my money, I see:
The Tang family is currently engaged in campaigns on four fronts.  Spies, bribes and assassinations do not come cheap.  You'll have to wait for your payment.
Tabs 08:36, 28 May 2011 (UTC)
Wow. I guess it doesn't happen too often. --Frazyl 08:54, 28 May 2011 (UTC)

Mission Research

Research on mission types


  • Action: go to the target Family compound and find a named item; return item to home compound and deposit it
  • Special Commands: "deposit" item
  • Items Needed: none
  • Tips: stealth (sneaking) is your friend; be able to portal out because guards will otherwise confiscate the item
  • Guild: open to any guild


  • Action: kill an NPC spy are they make their way between Point A and Point B
  • Special Commands: none
  • Items Needed: none (other than killing tools/items)
  • Tips: listen to the informant updates; spy level is Guild Level dependent; higher level spies will hide, backstab, and use unpredictable routes
  • Guild: open to any guild


  • Action: go to location in the chit and compose a message
  • Special Commands: "compose message"
  • Items Needed: tin of paint, calligraphy brush
  • Tips: set the following option to see the room location - "options output shortinlong = on"; stealth (sneaking) is your friend
  • Guild: open to any guild


  • Action: go to location in the chit and escort the individual back to the Family compound
  • Special Commands: "enquire discretely", "wait", "follow"
  • Items Needed: none
  • Tips: hope the escort distance is not too far; parry
  • Guild: open to any guild