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God information
Deity Tak, Creator God of the Dwarfs
Finger Nothing is known about this religion.

He currently can't be worshipped.

Areas Dwarfs
Priests' Alignment min:


Major Shield
Holy symbol
References first mentioned in Thud!
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The creator god of the dwarfs. The dwarvish creation myth states that Tak first "wrote himself", then "wrote the Laws," then "wrote the World", then wrote a cave and a geode. The geode hatched and from it emerged two brothers. One went into the cave and became a dwarf, the other left the cave and became a man. Here earlier forms of the myth differ from later forms; in the earlier version, Tak notices that the geode is striving to become alive, and as reward for the service it had given, makes it into the first troll; in a later, reedited version (written by dwarfs as propaganda), the geode comes alive of its own accord and was left to wander the world without purpose.

Though the dwarfs believe in Tak, they don't worship him; he left as soon as he created the world and doesn't demand eternal loyalty or followers. 'Tak does not require us to think of him, only that we think,' a principle exceptionally similar to that of Enlightenment-era Deism.