Tacticus Academy

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Tacticus Academy is a school in western Genua off Rue Ephebe.

The headmaster, Arwin Schneider, says the school will allow unregistered students to learn for a donation of 10 livres.

  • If you give 10 livres to Arwin he acknowledges that you can enjoy the academy for the next few hours.
  • There is no obvious ways to learn anything. If you figure it out please send us information.

A janitor's office and a security office flank the entryway.

The Academy contains classrooms and teachers:

  • Mr Ray is the geography professor.
  • Filius Turnwhistle appears to have knowledge about exploration or culture, especially Klatchian.
  • Remington Steele seems to be some kind of blacksmith.
  • Byron P. Goghson runs the art classroom.
  • Douglas Sworde theoretically teaches swordplay, though he also apparently has a past with boats.
  • A school nurse also inhabits the school.

Off the eastern main hall, a boy's and girl's dormitory sandwich the headmaster's office. A teacher's wing can be accessed via a locked door opposite the headmaster's office.

Schoolboys and schoolgirls wander the halls, as do a security guard and janitor.