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This table shows all the T-Shop Stops in a sortable table.

The first column is the exit direction from the inside of the shop, for use in scrying the shopkeeper to work out where it is stopped.

Exit from inside the shop Region City/Village/Zone Common name Glance
n Sto Plains Ankh-Morpork Street of Small gods The Street of Small Gods [w,e,s].
n Sto Plains Ankh-Morpork Widdershins Broadway Widdershins Broadway [w,e,s].
n Sto Plains Ankh-Morpork Goose Gate The Goose Gate [n,nw,w,e,enter stall,s].
n Sto Plains Ankh-Morpork Five Ways Five Ways [nw,w,sw,ne,e,n,s].
n Sto Plains Ankh-Morpork Treacle Mine Road Treacle Mine Road [n,se,e,sw,s].
n Sto Plains Ankh-Morpork Pseudopolis Yard Pseudopolis Yard [n,e,w,nw,sw,s].
n CWC Isle of Tonahamen Thursday's Island A desert island [clockwise,anticlockwise,enter sea,s].
n Ramtops Mad Stoat Village Road A village road [n,e,w,sw,s].
n Ramtops Slice Road Through A road through Slice [n,nw,se,s].
n Sto Plains Nowhere Dirt Road A dirt road [w,e,n,s].
n Sto Plains Sheepridge Village A village [n,e,ne,w,s].
n Klatch Ephebe Slouching Gardens The Slouching Gardens of Ephebe, north of the citadel [n,e,w,nw,ne,s].
ne Klatch Ephebe Flatulus Walk The northwestern end of Flatulus Walk [se,nw,n,e,ne,sw].
ne Klatch Ephebe Petulia Avenue Near the northern end of Petulia Avenue [n,se,sw].
ne Klatch Ephebe Philosopher's walk A stretch of Philosopher's walk [nw,se,sw].
e Sto Plains Ankh-Morpork Sator Square The southwestern corner of Sator Square [ne,n,se,e,s,w].
e Sto Plains Ankh-Morpork Upper Broadway The south end of Upper Broadway [nw,s,w].
e Sto Plains Ankh-Morpork Cockbill Street Cockbill Street [n,s,e,sw,se,w].
e Klatch Djelibeybi Road of the Moon The Road of the Moon outside a dingy workshop [s,e,nw,w].
e Vieux River Genua Minaret Street Minaret Street by a craft quarter [e,n,sw,s,w].
e Vieux River Genua Savannah Road Savannah Road outside the Diamond City Casino [n,s,e,w].
e Sto Plains Scrogden Path A path by a meandering river [nw,se,sw,w].
e Sto Plains Sto Lat Rimward Road Rimwards Road [n,s,e,w].
se Vieux River Genua Docks The northwestern corner of the docks [n,s,e,nw].
se Ramtops Escrow Town Square The northern side of the town square [n,s,e,w,sw,se,nw].
s Sto Plains Ankh-Morpork Filigree Street Filigree Street east of some shops [w,e,n].
s Sto Plains Ankh-Morpork Attic Bee Street Attic Bee Street [s,nw,e,n].
s Sto Plains Ankh-Morpork Street of Cunning Artificers The Street of Cunning Artificers [ne,w,n].
s Sto Plains Ankh-Morpork Parsnip Place The northwest corner of Parsnip Place [nw,se,e,s,n].
s Klatch Djelibeybi Road of the Sun The Road of the Sun [se,w,s,n].
s Klatch Djelibeybi Temple Street Temple Street [se,w,s,n].
s Klatch Djelibeybi The Hood The Hood's northwestern plaza [s,e,w,se,nw,n].
s Klatch Ephebe Eureka Chase In the middle of Eureka Chase [w,e,n].
s Vieux River Bois Crossroads A crossroads [ne,sw,se,nw,n].
s Ramtops Ohulan-Cutash Long Alley Ohulan-Cutash, Long Alley [e,s,sw,n].
s Sto Plains Dinky Western road A western road [e,w,s,ne,n].
s Sto Plains Hillshire Village The village of Hillshire [e,sw,s,n].
s Sto Plains Sto Lat Cabbage Street, Temple (w) West of a big junction, outside a temple [nw,e,n].
s Sto Plains Sto Lat Cabbage Street, Bar (e) Outside a bar [sw,ne,s,n].
s Sto Plains Sto Lat Quirm & Hill The intersection of Quirm Street and Hill Street [s,e,w,nw,n].
w Sto Plains Ankh-Morpork Plaza of Broken Moons The east side of the Plaza of Broken Moons [n,nw,w,s,sw,e].
w CWC Brown Islands Native Village The edge of a small native village [n,s,e].
w Klatch Djelibeybi Bazaar The eastern side of the east bazaar [n,s,w,enter stall,nw,sw,e].
w Klatch Djelibeybi Ephebe Road The start of a curve on the eastern side of Ephebe Road, near a small cottage [sw,n,w,e].
w Klatch Ephebe Ponder Alley A fork in Ponder Alley [nw,w,s,e].
w Ramtops Lancre Town Southern Edge The southern edge of Lancre Town [n,w,nw,e].
w Sto Plains Holy Wood Main Street A main street [n,s,w,e].
nw Sto Plains Ankh-Morpork Wharfinger Street Wharfinger Street [n,w,e,s,se].
nw Vieux River Genua Rue Ephebe Rue Ephebe [e,s,ne,se].
nw Sto Plains Bleak Prospect Rose Bush A road by a rose bush [nw,e,se].
nw Sto Plains Pekan Ford Hamlet A hamlet crossroads [s,w,ne,se].
nw Sto Plains Sto Lat Royal Market The southern side of the Royal Market [n,w,nw,enter stall,s,se].