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Travelling shop map, by Quow

The Travelling Shop, or t-shop, is a special shop which moves around. The shopkeeper is cursed to travel around the discworld forever.[1] The shop stays in one spot for about two to three and a half minutes[2] before moving on, spending around two to four minutes between stops[3]. You can buy things, sell things, or just ride it for a mystery tour of the Disc.

If the shop appears in the room you're in, you'll see greasy sparks crawl over one of the walls, and there will suddenly be another exit there.

It sells various rare items.

You may only buy one thing from it every 24 hours.

T-shop prices will be converted to the local currency of the t-shop stop it is staying at, buyers beware!

The shop is one way to get to or from Thursday's Island.

If you log out while in the shop, you'll log back in at its last stop.

It is possible to kill the shopkeeper. This causes the shop to crash and will leave you with 1 hp.
When re-entering once it has respawned, the shopkeeper says: "I remember you, <name>! Don't think you can get back in here again!".


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  • The Tshop Spotters club is dedicated to helping each other find out where the shop currently is.

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  1. The shopkeeper exclaims in Morporkian: I wish I didn't have to buy and sell forever!
  2. The range is likely larger, as this is based on only five stops--spending 2:02, 2:07, 3:00, 3:12 and 3:30 at the stops.
  3. This is likewise based on five stops, with the shop spending 2:16, 2:20, 2:22, 3:13, and 3:50 between the stops.