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The syntax command is a powerful tool with which a player can determine the exact phrasing of all commands.

Note that different syntaxes might belong to different commands with the same name.

If syntax does not return anything useful you might not have the item or you might not be in the correct room that adds the command you are looking for, or perhaps you need to try synonyms.

Most commands, objects or rooms also have help files, it's worth a try, but all commands have one or more syntax.

An example of the use of the syntax command:

> put knife inside knapsack

See "syntax put" for the input patterns.

> syntax put

Forms of syntax available for the command 'put':

put <object> {in|on|into} <object>

> say Aha!

You exclaim: Aha!

> put knife in knapsack

You put the knife in a pocket in the knapsack.

> beam

You beam brightly.