Sugar high

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A sugar high causes you to soul frequently, which can interfere with hiding.

You can get one by eating candy or sugar, or drinking sugary drinks.

The Soothe ritual will get rid of it.

It will also wear off on its own; when it does you'll see this:

You feel calmer now.
Foods Known to Cause Sugar Highs
Name Source
banana and cherry juice mix The Traveller's Inn
banana daiquiri Temple of Cool
candy broomstick ?
chocolate doughnut Kefka's item database
dew drop cocktail The Bucket, Casino Bar (as island bar or Kuian themed bar), The Apex Club bar
doughnut Kefka's item database
fairy stick Kefka's item database
lemonade Various Eateries
milk shake The Hammered Anvil Student Deli, The Warriors' Guild cafe
raspberry tizzu A Charre Bux Coffee House
stick of candyfloss Kefka's item database
sugar cube Kefka's item database
tuppeny upright Kefka's item database