Strange alleyway

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This is a strange alleyway off a quite dull part of Philosopher's walk in Ephebe.

Artifacts are sold there.

You need some adventuring.perception skill to stand a chance to even notice that the alley exists or to attempt to enter it, at least a 173 bonus.


Example stock:

The following items are for sale:
  A: a balsa wand for &&&&&&&&&+156408 16M S14|60de (one left).
  B: a yellow wand for &&&&&&&&&&+12642 1M S15|81de (three left).
  C: a thin stick for &&&&&&&&&&&+6242 S32|49de (two left).
  D: a long white wand for &&&&&&&&&&+13108 1M S18|26de (three left).
  E: an oak wand for &&&&&&&&&&&+3244 S16|86de (five left).
  F: a red staff for &&&&&&&&&&+11682 1M S10|81de (two left).
  G: a Klein bottle cosy for &&&&&&&&&&&+2596 S13|50de (two left).
  H: a mobius strap for &&&&&&&&&&&+2596 S13|50de (one left).
  I: a deep red glass nugget for &&&&&&&&&&+25960 2M S35|20de (one left).
  J: a green sliver of octiron for &&&&&&&&&&+32450 3M S19|1de (one left).
  K: a blue funnel for &&&&&&&&&&&&&+60 30de (nine left).
  L: a purple mineral nugget for &&&&&&&&&&+35694 3M S35|87de (two left).
  M: a small string bag for &&&&&&&&&&&+3220 S16|74de (two left).


A wizard sells the artifacts.

A well-groomed wizard is standing here.
This is a most well-groomed wizard.  His hair is long but neatly combed and obviously well-cared-for; his beard is luxuriant and tapered to the sharpest of points.
He is in good shape.
He is standing.
Holding : a crooked staff (left hand and right hand).
Wearing : a pair of pointy wizard shoes, a fine chestnut linen outer robe and a pointy wizard's hat.

If disturbed, the clutter can turn into a dangerous-looking being:

A mass of ambulatory wooden boxes is standing here.
Somehow - and it's completely unclear how it could possibly have happened - a load of wooden boxes have managed to take on a life of their own and formed this enormous humanoid figure.  As if things were not strange enough, two spaces at what  would be head-height on a more normal humanoid creature flash with purplish-green light, almost as though the creature is blinking at you.
It is in good shape.
It is standing.