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A player's strength stat determines how strong they are, how hard they hit, and how much they can carry.

Direct effects

Strength directly affects:

  • The damage caused by striking with a physical weapon.
  • The ease of holding two weapons.
  • The weight a player can carry before they become burdened.
  • The weight of a player, and thus their hit points.
  • Hit point regeneration rate.

Skill relationships

  • Strength features prominently in the fighting skill tree, affecting almost all skills there.
  • It plays a significant role in the covert, crafts and adventuring skill trees.
  • It is not used very much in the magic, people or faith skill trees.

Guild reliance

All guilds require strength to a certain degree, in order to lug whatever equipment they have around. Beyond solving burden issues:

  • Warriors and assassins often have a lot of strength due to their guilds' focus on physical combat.
  • Priests and thieves also rely on physical means to deal out damage, hence usually have a reasonable level of strength.
  • Wizards and witches have a lesser need for strength as:
    • They can deal out magical damage in combat.
    • They can summon minions (such as a fruitbat) to carry things for them.