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Stop is a command that makes you stop what you're doing.


stop {queue|debate|debating|spell|ritual|fight|fighting}

The first syntax stops everything you're doing. Your queue is removed, your current action is canceled, and you'll stop combat as with "stop fighting".

"Stop queue" will remove your queue, as well as canceling any commands that take time to complete and that you're currently attempting (such as judge or search). It will, however, let you finish any spells or rituals you're doing at that moment.

"Stop debate" or "stop debating" will end a debate.

"Stop spell" and "stop ritual" will, respectively, stop whatever spell or ritual you're currently in the middle of. Your queue will remain intact.

"Stop fight" or "stop fighting" will cause you to stop fighting anything you're currently fighting. However, it will not make them stop fighting you, meaning that if you're still in the room with them when you attempt to stop fighting them, you'll just get drawn back into the fight anyway (to make it mutual and actually end the fight, you need to use something like calm, chant, or Mugwuddle's Muddling Mirage... although some aggressive npcs may re-attack even if calmed). There is a delay between using the command and actually stopping fighting them, and you'll be told when you actually stop fighting them (as well as everything you were fighting).

All syntaxes also cause you to stop crawling, though this appears to be a bug.

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