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Stencils can he used to decorate player house walls either with a pre-cut image or one cut around an item. Once a stencil has been purchased or cut, paint is required to apply it to the wall of the house.

Stencils may be reused, and you may use multiple stencils on the same wall (although there seems to be some sort of limit as to how many stencils or appliques you can have on a wall).


Nese's Fine Decor at the east end of Phedre Road in Ankh-Morpork sells all the equipment you need. This includes pre-cut stencils, sheets of cardboard and scissors to cut your own, and paint and sponges to apply the stencils. If creating your own stencil, you need a piece of cardboard big enough to cut around the item you wish to make a stencil of.

A wider range of paint colours can be purchased at a number of locations across the Disc.

Appliques are also available - bits of ornamentation which can be stuck to player house walls. These do not require paint to apply.

Stencilling process

If you want to create your own stencil, you need a pair of scissors and a blank stencil from Nese's shop. You can then hold the scissors and cut your stencil:

cut stencil of cat in stencil with scissors
You cut a stencil of the scrawny tabby cat in the huge cat stencil with a pair of sharp scissors.
l stencil
This is a huge piece of cardboard, cut with a hole in the shape of a cat so it can be used as a stencil when painting.

You can also order a custom stencil from Nese. The available shapes are:

Agatean dragon, black widow spider, carriage, cart, castle, celtic cross, celtic knot pattern, cherub, classical border, cobra, constellation of stars, exotic vine, fairy, falling snowflakes, fern, Fishite symbol, fleur de lys, floating clouds, flying angel, flying butterflies, galleon, Gappic symbol, grape vine, great A'tuin, Gufnorkian symbol, Hattian symbol, jolly roger, moon, palace, pattern of footprints, pattern of paw prints, pictsie, pirate ship, Pishite symbol, pointy hat, raven, rose bush, Sandelfonian corridor, Sandelfonian symbol, scorpion, Sekkite symbol, spider web, star, sun, tree frog, viper, weeping angel, and yacht

You can have extra description, too, if you like. The options are:

intimidating, beautiful, detailed, classy, snazzy, eye-catching, wonderful, stylish, quaint, lovely, impressive, discreet, sparkly, pretty, or none

She takes a few minutes to finish.

Whether you made or bought your stencil, the next step is to stencil it onto the wall. You'll need to be holding a paintbrush and have a tin of paint for this step.

stencil stencil on west wall with paint
You stencil a blue stencil of a cat on the west wall with the paintbrush using careful dabbing.


With appliques, you can just "stick" them to a wall.

Nese sells custom appliques in the following shapes:

Ankh-Morpork coat of arms, Assassins' Guild coat of arms, black raven, black widow spider, bouquet of flowers, bouquet of roses, celtic knot pattern, chariot of war, curled viper, Fish, flying witch silhouetted by the moon, fountain of blood, four leaf clover, galloping horse, Gapp, great A'tuin, green tree frog, grinning skull, Gufnork, Hat, jolly roger, Lancrastrian coat of arms, large glowing octagon, lightning bolt, pair of crossed broomsticks, pair of crossed daggers, pair of crossed staves, Palace Guard coat of arms, pattern of flowering daisies, pattern of flowering marigolds, pattern of flowering roses, Pishe, rearing cobra, Sandelfon, seven-handed Sek, striking scorpion, Thieves' Guild coat of arms, and Unseen University coat of arms

These can also have an extra descriptive word:

intimidating, beautiful, detailed, classy, snazzy, eye-catching, wonderful, stylish, quaint, lovely, impressive, discreet, sparkly, pretty, or none


When you look at a wall with a stencil or applique on it, you'll see something like this:

The west wall is laid with dark red brick on which are a blue stencil of a cat and a blue stencil of some falling snowflakes and is decorated with a grinning skull.

In the room description, it looks like this:

The west wall is laid with dark red brick on which is a blue stencil of a cat and is decorated with a grinning skull, the floor is grey plush carpet and the other surfaces are laid with dark red brick.

However, you don't want to get too carried away--stencilling a wall gives it a different appearance, and you can only have three differently-appearing surfaces in a room before it starts looking like this:

The walls, floor and ceiling are multicoloured.

So, if you want your stencil or applique to be visible in the room description, you'll need to limit the variety of decoration on the walls, floor, and ceiling.

If two surfaces have exactly the same stenciling on them, though, they do stack:

The floor is dull polished oak floorboards, the west wall and north wall are pine boards on which is a forest green stencil of a detailed fern and the other surfaces are pine boards.

Stencils and appliques can also be used on objects.  research If this has been marked on a page, it's because there was something that probably isn't known, that the person who edited the page thinks could be found out. Perhaps you could figure this thing out, and be famous evermore. 

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