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A player's stats are the basic attributes of that player, and affect their ability to perform almost all actions.

There are five stats:

  • Constitution (Con) - determines the player's ability to endure hardship, and is particularly relevant to their hit point total.
  • Dexterity (Dex) - determines how nimble and agile the player is, and is particlarly relevant to covert abilities.
  • Intelligence (Int) - determines the player's ability to apply logic and reason, and is particularly relevant to spellcasting.
  • Strength (Str) - determines how strong a player is, and is particularly relevant to combat and burden.
  • Wisdom (Wis) - determines the player's ability to draw on their experience, and is particularly relevant to faith.

Starting out

All players start out with 13 points in each stat.

Viewing stats

The 'score stats' command shows your stats.

Changing stats

There are a variety of ways to change one's stats:

Permanent changes

  • The rearrange command can be used at the player's first visit to the retrophrenologist. It allows a player to set each of their stats to anywhere between 8 and 23, as long as the total of 65 is maintained. This command can only be used once, so think carefully (and preferably take advice from your guild) before using it.
  • Additional visits to the retrophrenologist can increase one stat by one point at the expense of one point in another stat.

Temporary changes

See more on the Stat effects page.

Stats, skills and bonuses

All skill bonuses are determined by two factors - the level to which a player has advanced in that skill, and the skill's stat dependencies. The effect from the stats is determined by weightings that are fixed for each individual skill.

For example, consider the skill magic.items.scroll. The weights associated with this skill are:

  • Con: 0
  • Dex: 1
  • Int: 2
  • Str: 0
  • Wis: 2

This skill is strongly affected by intelligence and wisdom, weakly affected by dexterity, and not affected at all by constitution or strength.


For those not interested in the maths, the following are the important points of the skill/stat relationship:

  • Changing a stat with a higher weighting on a skill has a bigger effect than changing a stat with a lower weighting.
  • For two stats with equal weightings, changing the lower of the two will have a bigger effect than changing the higher.


Each skill bonus is proportional to the weighted logarithmic product of the player's stats. The specific relationship is:

 bonus = <level factor> * 1/9.8 * ln(''weighted product'') - 0.25

Returning to magic.items.scroll, a player with Dex: 13, Int: 18, Wis: 8 and 100 levels in this skill will have a bonus of 194, and the corresponding stat factor is:

1/9.8 * ln(13 * 18 * 18 * 8 * 8) - 0.25 = 1.026

Now imagine that this player puts on a bronze helm (-3 con, +3 int, +2 wis). How will this affect their bonus? The stat factor is now:

1/9.8 * ln(13 * 21 * 21 * 10 * 10) - 0.25 = 1.103

1.103 is 7.5% higher than 1.026, so the bonus likewise increases by 7.5% to 209.

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