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The artworks in this gallery include

The Ankh-Morpork Ladies' Needlepoint Club's "Victory" -- [TM: Ankh-Morporkian culture]

This is the top half of a tall tapestry. It is so large that it has been hung in the stairwell of the museum so that it can be fully appreciated. It shows a bloody battle being waged between two armies. This top half shows the remains of an army storming a castle.

Desmond Farle's "One Step At A Time" -- [TM: Ankh-Morporkian culture]

This detailed drawing shows a spiral staircase winding its way throughout the picture.

Jacques Picard's "Belle" -- [TM: Ankh-Morporkian culture]

This ambitious painting portrays a late night in one of Genua's less savoury pubs. A barmaid in a low-cut bodice, presumably Belle, leans saucily over the counter handing out large tankards to an assortment of thugs and smugglers. The perspective is truly impressive.

Paulio's "Midnight Musings"

A lovely watercolour featuring a young washing woman staring out an open window at the moon. At her feet is a basket full of wet clothes and behind her is an open fireplace, a drying rack set up in front of it.

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