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Squinty Jeb is a tanner who has spent years studying the grflxen and turning their hides into beautiful armour.

Once a respectable tanner, this crazy old coot has chosen a solitary life in the depths of the Skund
forest after years of trying to convince anyone who would listen of the existence of the enigmatic, feral,
cave-dwelling beasts he calls the grflxen.  His clean-shaven looks have long since given way to a matted dirty
beard, but the time alone hasn't made this deranged hermit any less rabid.
He is in good shape.
He is standing.
Wearing : a pair of cheap leather boots, a pair of torn trousers, a simple tunic and a rope belt.
His purse is home to only moths!


Jeb's shabby hut is in a small clearing near the southern edge of Skund forest.

It can be reached by following the main north-south road through Skund and taking the last branch of the road (not the wolf trails) going west before the souther edge of the forest.


Be warned that Squinty Jeb has some flea friends who will be jumping onto you if you spend any time in his presence. You can remove the fleas on Squinty Jeb with a charred wand but it seems that the room itself still infects you. Best to just take a bath afterwards if you get infected.


You'll need to bring the appropriate amount of the correct type of hide to Jeb before he'll make the armour. It will cost some money too.

    ask <jeb> for a list
    ask <jeb> about [a] <armour>
    ask <jeb> to make [a] <armour> with <hides>

Jeb can make a jerkin, leggings, gloves, a scale, an helmet, boots and a shirt from the Grflx hide that you bring him.

Squinty Jeb says: Ahhh yes, to make a <armour>, I'll need about <hide amount> square feet of hide from a <hide type>.  I'll ask just <cost> for my troubles.

Be warned that the hides are very heavy. You can appraise them to know how many square feet they measure.

The hides comes from the bodies of slain Grflx that can be found inside the grflx caves.

Order Full name Hide amount Hide type Cost
jerkin laced grflx leather jerkin 27 square feet young Grflx &&&&&&&&&&+16500 A$41.25
leggings gleaming grflx leather leggings 21 square feet young Grflx &&&&&&&&&&+11000 A$27.50
gloves sturdy black grflx leather gloves 3 square feet young Grflx &&&&&&&&&&&+7000 A$17.50
scale Grflx scale 34 square feet mother Grflx &&&&&&&&&&+80000 A$200
helmet black grflx scale helmet 3 square feet young Grflx &&&&&&&&&&+13000 A$32.50
boots dark grflx hide boots 10 square feet young Grflx &&&&&&&&&&+12800 A$32
shirt soft grflx leather shirt 20 square feet young Grflx &&&&&&&&&&+10000 A$25

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