Sprig of mistletoe

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A sprig of mistletoe is a seasonal item. Mistletoe appears in players' inventory upon logging in in the time leading up to Christmas, with this message:

You feel happy and cheerful as a sprig of mistletoe mysteriously appears in your hands.

It looks like this:

The sprig of mistletoe is just that.  A few leaves of mistletoe on a branch just waiting for you to use on someone you like.
Maybe if you dangle it over the person you like, you might get a Hogswatch kiss.

You can "dangle <object> over <living>" with it, resulting in this:

You dangle the sprig of mistletoe over <living> and pucker up for a kiss.

It is poisonous to consume.

The effect from eating one sprig seems to be limited to the ritual penalty of being poisoned.