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Ritual information
Deities Pishe, Fish
Type Miscellaneous
Base GP cost 30
Components None
Required powers speech

Splash is a priest ritual that makes someone wet.


This ritual costs 30 GP, and is performed on others or yourself. It is not pk-checked.

It requires the power of speech.


This ritual uses faith.rituals.misc.self or faith.rituals.misc.target, depending on whether it is performed on oneself or another person.


  • None

Performing messages


You speak the prayer of saturation.
You ask Pishe to grant you water.


A wave of water washes up and drenches you thoroughly.


A wave of water appears out of thin air and splashes over <living>.

What others (including the target) see

Person speaks a sibilant prayer.
Person mutters a few quick syllables.

A failure can cause the performer, rather than the target, to get splashed.


The target becomes wet, with the exact level varying. Any towels in the target's inventory will also become wet, and water can get into open vessels.


A Splash ward, when triggered, will make the thief wet.


This ritual can be useful to Pishites: it can be used to make a towel wet or fill a vessel with water, and either one can then be used for the Pishe Totem.

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