Sparkling Shelter

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Sparkling Shelter
Ritual information
Deities Sandelfon Fish Hat
GP cost 120? 150?
Components holy symbol
Required powers Movement Speech
Learned At 150
Skills faith.rituals.defensive.self,
Resisted By n
Angers? n
Type Defensive
Steps 3
Targets others, self
Description Protects the priest or their companions from magic.
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Surrounds the target in dancing sparks, which blocks elemental damage 100% for a very limited time, though duration is reasonable while not absorbing damage (10 minutes or more). Known types of damage it blocks are spear, pragi and KOF (wizardly spells).

The shelter will only protect against two waves of damage, regardless of how powerful they are - this means 2x JHSD or 2x KOF bunny waves.

The ritual takes far too long to perform to be useful in combat, and is a reasonably difficult ritual to perform - good for TMing defensive.

Granted By

Sandelfon, Fish and Hat

Learnt At level 150

Skills Used

faith.rituals.defensive.self /

Base GP Cost

150 GP


Holy symbol




> perform sparkling shelter on $arg:living thng-1$ from rod;
You find it much more difficult to perform sparkling shelter because you are using the pale yellow baton as an external focus for the ritual.  However, this is partially mitigated by the fact that you have been actively worshipping Pishe and you are in an area considered holy.
You sing an ode to snow.


You let your set of polished golden pearl prayer beads slip between your fingers.
You whistle a long plaintive note toward the sky.
A rain of sparkles falls from the sky, nearly touching the ground before beginning to swirl around your body.  288  308 


A rain of sparkles falls from the sky, but they vanish as they touch the floor.  207  264 

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Wearing off

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