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Command information
GP Cost Variable
Learnt At 10 covert.stealth
Skills Used Covert.stealth & covert.hiding.person
Items Needed N/A
Guild Available to all

Sneak is a covert command that allows the user to move stealthily, remaining unseen from people without sufficient perception. Used successfully, it prevents people from seeing you entering or leaving the room (though even in the best of case they can still see "someone" opening and closing doors).

When you begin to sneak, you will also hide and be hiding in the room you sneak into. This seems to be different from hiding by using the hide command--as you can use the hide command while sneaking, causing you to unhide and rehide--but the exact difference is unclear.research

Sneak medium and sneak high also make you move more slowly. When pursuing someone you automatically use sneak low.


It comes in three levels: "low", "medium" and "high". While higher levels are more effective, they also use more gp.

sneak low
sneak medium
sneak high
sneak stop

GP usage

When you are sneaking, you will use a certain amount of gp every time you move. This amount of gp will also be drained approximately every ten seconds. The amount varies with the sneak level you're using:

  • Low: 3 gp
  • Medium: 6 gp
  • High: 9 gp

Movement lag

Sneak changed on May 15 2011.

  • Now sneak low doesn't slow you down, there is no extra lag other than normal movement lag.
  • Sneak medium and sneak high add less lag than before while moving.
  • While pursuing someone you automatically use sneak low regardless of your sneak setting.


Sneak can be used to:

  • Move around without being seen, including by law enforcement npcs (depending on skills)
  • Go back into the room with someone who is still fighting you, after you've stopped fighting them, without being drawn back into the fight
  • Get past "guardian"-type npcs who would otherwise stop you from entering restricted areas and the like
  • Make it more difficult for others to track you
  • Prevent witches who don't have enough perception from flying to you (witches need to be able to "see" you to fly to you, watch helps with this)

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