Skirts for quilting blocks

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This is the list of skirts that can be torn up for quilting blocks. The expanded, combined list of all clothes collected so far can be found at List of quilting block clothes.

Clothing Item[1] Number of Blocks[2] Material Short Description[3] Expanded Description[4]
Ankle length silk skirt 3 Silk Black Black
Black cotton skirt 2 Cotton Black Black
Black embroidered musketeers' skirt 1 Velvet Black Black
Black satin hoop skirt 3 Satin Black Black satin accented with lace and jet beads
Black silk skirt 3 Silk Black Black
Dark green skirt 2 Cotton Dark green Dark green
Deep green Auriental skirt 3 Cotton Deep green Deep green
Embroidered black skirt 1 Cotton Black Black
Frilled black skirt 1 Silk Black Black
Gauzy white skirt 3 Silk White White
Gingham skirt 1 Cotton White and pink checked White and pink checked
Green silk skirt 3 Silk Green Green
Grey pleated skirt 2 Linen Grey Pleated grey
Grey worsted skirt 2 Cotton Grey Grey
Lavender bustle skirt 3 Satin Lavender Lavender
Lightweight beige linen skirt 3 Linen Beige Beige
Long black hooped skirt 3 linen Black Black
Long black velvet skirt 3 Velvet Black Black
Long dove grey skirt 3 Silk Dove grey Dove grey
Long midnight black skirt 3 Silk Midnight black Midnight black silk shot with indigo and garnet
Long pale lilac skirt 3 Silk Pale lilac Pale lilac
Long pale yellow skirt 3 Silk Pale yellow Pale yellow
Long red gauzy skirt 3 Silk Red Red
Long rosy pink skirt 3 Silk Rose pink Rose pink
Long royal blue skirt 3 Silk Royal blue Royal blue
Long slitted cinnamon brocade skirt 3 Silk Cinnamon Cinnamon brocade silk
Pale blue skirt 2 Cotton Pale blue Pale blue
Pink shimmery skirt 3 Silk Pink Pink
Plain navy skirt 1 Cotton Navy blue Navy blue
Powder blue hoop skirt 4 Satin Powder blue Powder blue
 Red flounced skirt This is a long red skirt, generously provided with flounces. It looks like the perfect thing for making an entrance or an exit, and no doubt would cause severe mutterings among those so inclined.  3 Cotton Red Red
Sensible black cotton skirt 2 Cotton Black Black
Skirt of ribbons 1 Silk Multicoloured Multicoloured silk ribbons
Tight blue skirt 3 Cotton Dark blue Dark blue
Tight white skirt 1 Cotton White White
White cotton hoop skirt 3 Cotton White White
White linen skirt 1 Linen White White


  1. See Kefka's Item Database for details where to find items
  2. Exact number of blocks can vary somewhat, according to damage and possibly some other factor. Number should be what you usually get from a fully-mended item.
  3. Color seen in inventory
  4. Color seen when block or applique examined