Sister Ti-Ti Effenne

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Sister Ti-Ti Effenne is a nun at the Temple of Cool. She dispenses drink advice alongside her older sister Sister Bi-Bi Effenne. It seems she has a predilection for witches, bartenders, and double entendre cocktails.

Sister Ti-Ti is the slightly younger Effenne twin.  With her blood-relation (sister) Sister Bi-Bi, they ensure a Monk (or Nun) of Cool is always comfortable in any social situation.  A lot of their teaching revolves around stylish cocktail bars and upmarket pubs, the likes of which don't really exist on the Disc (something which their slightly dappy but nonetheless stylish and Cool minds fail to have noticed). 
Wearing : a pair of blue suede shoes, a trendy dress and a purple velvet shirt. 

Drink Thoughts

  • Between the Sheets: Fun for young people.
  • Deadly Archana: "Daring" in a good way.
  • Flaming Chocolate Awful: "Hot and spicy."
  • Gin n Tonique: "Classic."
  • Magpie: "Such a pretty colour."
  • Ruin's Favorite: "Classic."
  • Sex on the Beach: Cheeky and chic - perfect for a party girl.
  • Witchy Ibblek: "Smooth yet tangy."
  • Wobbly Wodan: Useful if you need courage. Led to an encounter of some kind with the bartender after three in quick succession.
  • Zachovia Zip: "Simple yet chic."