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Ritual information
Deities Fish Sek
GP cost 70
Components holy amulet
Required powers Speech
Learned At 23 levels
Resisted By y
Angers? y
Type Offensive
Steps 1
Targets others
Description Artificially silences the target.
Priestwiki Discworld ritual help


This ritual will prevent the target from speaking for the duration of the ritual. While this is not a greatly useful ritual against most NPCs, it is extremely useful against player priests and wizards during PK combat, preventing the usage of most spells and rituals completely. Through testing, Area of Effect spells (AOEs such as EHA, Pragi etc.) and any spell that doesn't have a spoken component isn't affected by Silence. However, you can also silence warriors to negate their 'warcry' providing you get into combat with them first as Silence will take longer to perform. Very helpful in PK activities when warcry can make or break a fight.


> perform silence on Dasquian
You call upon Gufnork to gag Dasquian.
Dasquian is struck dumb.

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